A guide to layering men's clothes

As spring slowly departs and summer is on the horizon, it is important to address this transitional period appropriately and stylishly.  

If you’re bewildered by the talk of layering, we’re here to help with our handy guide on how to layer men’s clothes.  

Undressing the meaning of layering 

So, what exactly is layering? Layering goes far beyond adding a coat to your everyday outfit, it is adding base layers, mid layers and an outer layer.  

Within your outfit you might choose three-layers, this could include - a t-shirt, zip up hoodie and a coat. As the temperature changes, make sure you have items of clothing that are appropriate for all four seasons, making it convenient for you to take layers off easily throughout the days and months.  

Changing up your colours 

Carlisle skinny leg jeans black

One way you can layer your clothes is with colour, all you have to decide is how safe do you play it? This spring, why not try something new.  

Consider a monochromatic, using only one colour but in different shades, to layer your outfit with. This look that can be implemented from day to night for both formal and informal occasions. We have a wide variety of fitted men’s shirts and our bestselling Carlisle jeans look great with black footwear to finish off the look.  

Another layering fashion trend is to use a contrast of colour to add depth. You may decide to select a white basic tee, black jeans and add a puffer jacket as an outer layer. Add a pop of colour by choosing one of our Fetlar jackets which is available in red, mustard, blue and navy. 

As the puffer style is very much on trend, leading into spring we have given you the perfect opportunity to experiment with colour by choosing one of our padded jackets. Layering with a puffer jacket is simple, as your inner layer can be completely hidden and lightweight.

An easy way to switch up your inner layer is with a set of multi pack basic t-shirts, available in a range of colours that would suit any look.  

Try to be careful when layering with patterns, as it can be risky, when layering a striped polo shirt the solid of the Harrington jacket will contrast nicely. 

For all the seasons  

Racco cotton crew neck jumper blue

As summer is fast approaching, get experimental with your outer layers.  

Even though jackets are a simple layer to add to an outfit you could swap it for a knitted jumper. Our Racco crew neck jumper will look great with layers underneath. Team it with the Feltar padded jacket in a bright mustard for the colder days and the Walker lightweight jacket when the sun’s out.  

A classic polo shirt works great on its own in summer or underneath a lightweight jacket and you can use jeans and brogues to smarten up your look.  

We love the Haymarket Harrington jacket paired with the Struan rugby shirt.  

Shake it up with a shacket  

Ozone cotton twill shacket khaki

As we all know, the weather in the UK isn’t always the best. Layering can be a great way to be prepared for any type of weather conditions the UK wants to through at us.  

A shacket has become a big trend over the past few months and will make a great addition to your wardrobe. This classic cross between a shirt and a jacket, and you can wear one with just about anything!  

Our Ozone shacket is available in a range of colours, allowing you to add depth to your spring look. Choose a basic white tee for underneath and team it with a pair of our Carlisle black skinny jeans.  

Layering can look smart, you’ve just got to do it right. Just stick to a maximum of 3 layers and you’re good to go!  

 Are you ready to experiment with these techniques and find your own personal style when it comes to layering?  

Allow yourself room to layer fresh looks in your own unique way. Whether it’s the ultimate  three layer look or the classic two layer look this spring, we have you covered from basic tees, lightweight jackets and even shacket’s. With a wide range of wardrobe essentials, you’ll be able to master layering all year round.  

Follow us on our social media channels to see how we decide to layer this summer – if you need any tips, why not pop us a message, we would love to help style you out!