5 WFH essentials you need in your wardrobe

If you are still working from home, first of all well done, you’ve made it through over 365 days of working from most likely the dining table, sofa, the floor or even the bed 

At times, we can all admit it’s been pyjamas all day but as hybrid working is becoming the new way of living, lets clear out the old joggers and leave the pyjama drawer alone.  

We’ve picked out five essential work from home clothes you need to make you look good, feel good and get productive on those daily zoom meetings. Even if it is from your sofa. 

 1. 3 Pack Tay Cotton Polo Shirts 

Penrith straight leg jeans black

This pack provides the perfect mix of colours, navy, burgundy and black to get you looking like you mean business for those 9am meetings. All whilst the soft textured material with zip up collar will keep you infinitely comfortable.  

By rotating the three colours throughout the week, your work from home wardrobe soon becomes full and remains affordable. Gone are the days you have to worry about what to wear when working from home as the pack provides three different looks. 

You can even pair these polo shirts with our Perith Straight Leg Jeans in black for a formal look for days in the office, or nights in the pub.   

 2. Trifoliate Joggers 

Trifoliate slim fit joggers black

You cannot say you have comfortable work from home clothes if you haven’t bagged a pair of Threadbare’s slim fit joggers. It’s the reason why we love zoom calls - why dress up your bottom half if it is not going to be seen! 

They come in four colourways, navy, black, charcoal and grey so there is definitely a colour for you! Providing both style and comfort, joggers are a staple in the world of fashion – and a true token for working from home where your space may be limited. The slim-fit design is a popular option to the slouchy feel of out-dated joggers.

 3. Beacon Cotton Long Sleeve Shirt 

Beacon cotton long sleeve shirt light blue

The classic crisp cotton, long sleeve button down shirt is available in a variety of colours and sleeve lengths, a wardrobe must for the days you want to dress to impress. This shirt could be styled with trousers, chinos or jeans if you are going into the office.  

Stocked in blue, navy and light blue, the Beacon is a work from home essential. A shirt will elevate your mood and stimulate a sense of professionalism when you find yourself working from a make shift desk on your landing.

4. Alban Zip Jumper  

Alban cotton rich zip neck jumper black

Made from incredibly comfortable and soft cotton, this classic knitwear style is perfect for those days when you just want to reach for a hoodie, but the back-to-back meetings are stopping you. This quarter zip, ribbed funnel neck jumper can be worn endlessly either by itself or layered.  

Available in black, ecru, navy and a denim shade, its fitted design means it still looks smart without having to opt for a shirt.  

5. Hunter Fleece Cargo Shorts  

Hunter fleece cargo shorts navy

For those warmer days from home, when the sun is out and the windows are open, but you’re stuck behind your computer, these fleece shorts are definitely a work from home wardrobe essential 

Our fleece shorts are made with a soft brushback cotton fabric, making them the most comfortable shorts around, as well as an elasticated waistband, making you feel less guilty about putting on a few lockdown pounds.    

Opting for shorts during your work day means that you can head straight out into the garden as soon as 5 o’clock hits. Styled with trainers or pumps they make the ultimate casual wear for summer evenings.  

This guide is a simple intervention on what to wear working from home. Though it can be tough finding threads that look smart yet provide suitable comfort, these five suggestions make it undeniably easy to ditch the pjs.

Remember, opting for a jogger doesn’t mean you are out of office – we stock stylish ones that are fit for any job.  


If you want more inspiration on how to style your joggers, check out our latest blog.