How to style joggers for men

Joggers are finally socially acceptable to wear for any occasion. But with 40 different styles of joggers to our name, we’re here to satisfy all your needs with these easy styling tips. 

Post lockdown jeans now have stiff competition as the jogger is the new must have style for men and is quickly becoming the new wardrobe staple.  

A jogger doesn’t have to be confined to your home or the gym, nowadays, they have become fully fledged street wear and we have you covered, from slim-fit joggers, cuffed legs to a classic tracksuit bottom.  

Styling your joggers may be difficult, especially if you’re trying to suit different dress codes or occasions. But don’t worry, we’re here to help with our handy guide on how to style your joggers.  

Choosing the right colour   

Jordy slim fit pinstripe joggers navy

Whether you’ll be wearing your joggers in or out, simple styling techniques can effortlessly transform your look from Sunday chill day to Sunday chic.  

Lockdown has seen a rise in dressing for comfort and living in your lounge wear, so when you’re on the lookout for your next pair of joggers, make sure to find the perfect style to suit you and your lifestyle.  

Knowing what to wear with black joggers is easy. They can be styled for any season and look great paired with multiple colours depending on the time of year. As black is a versatile colour, you can be as bright or as subtle as you wish when pairing it with a t-shirt or polo. 

Though don’t let your jogger journey end there, with fashion favoring the flexi-wardrobe, why not choose a dapper, checkered pair for work or nights out?   

Wear these pin-striped joggers with a fresh plain white tee and the Rothbury Harrington jacket in black and you’ve got the perfect evening outfit. They have the style of jeans yet the comfort of sweatpants that we all know and love. 

Although grey joggers are a favourite for many, you should keep them for days when you are lounging about or running errands. If it’s a first date or important meeting you are attending, leave the grey coloured joggers at home as they are often associated with exercise or relaxation. 

Finding your favourite fit  

Stefan cargo style joggers khaki

Most men opt for a cuffed ankle, slim fit jogger. However, there are multiple styles of joggers this spring to consider, such as Cargo, Slim fit, Regular and Fashion fit.  

This year seems to be army-inspired as cargo joggers are appearing everywhere on the high street and on Instagram. A cargo jogger is simple to wear, if you’re stuck on how to style it and need some help with colour choices, why not play it safe with traditional colours such as black, grey and navy.

Our Stefan cargo jogger is available in three colours and look great with a t-shirt or hoodie this spring.  

Joggers can also be worn as a trendy and fashionable look if you choose from the ‘fashion fit’ range. These slimmer fitting joggers can be worn with a t-shirt and denim jacket to create an easy go-to style. With a more tailored and tapered leg, the ‘fashion fit’ jogger will allow you to experiment with your style, so you can be ready for any occasion post lockdown.  

What tops to wear with your joggers? 

Raglan cotton t-shirt

Styling your joggers with different tops can completely change a look. If you’re going for a casual style, simply pair them with a plain t-shirt or for a more put together look, swap out your basic tee for a cotton polo shirt.  

We recommend teaming a slim-fit jogger with our Raglan t-shirt that comes as a three pack,  making it easy to switch up your look and add a splash of colour.

Choosing a slim-fit jogger is easy to style and can make your outfit look more put together, so not only will you remain comfortable but stylish too!   

Layering up with a hoodie  

tangerine zip through hoodie black

While a t-shirt and jogger is an easy style, the UK weather can always take a turn for the worst, so be prepared to layer up. A hoodie has been an essential item in every man’s wardrobe, especially over the last year.  

It has become appropriate to pair a hoodie with a jogger for any occasion, whether it’s for your daily walk, taking a trip to the supermarket or doing the coffee run. A hoodie is a great item to throw on over your t-shirt to feel warm and cosy, perfect for those cold evenings when all you want to do is feel comfortable.  

Our favourites are the Clementine hoodie with a kangaroo pocket and adjustable drawstring. Or, if you prefer something to zip up, we love the Tangerine zip up hoodie, made in a cotton blend fabric for a real comfortable feel.  

What’s great about a hoodie is that you can take your layers to the next level. When the colder months come back around, just add a leather jacket for that ultra-sleek look.   

Swearing by a classic sweatshirt  

Fetlar padded jacket black

Styling joggers with a sweatshirt is one of our go to styles and we love paring our joggers with simple crew neck jumper, a classic combination that will always stay on trend.  

Brands have seen a rise in Athleisure trends and it has become more acceptable to wear it every day. If you want style your joggers even further, adding a lightweight jacket such as our Fetlar padded jacket will create a casual style for those post lockdown meet ups. 

So, I bet now you’re thinking which jogger style do I buy first? We have multiple styles of joggers available for you to experiment with and invest in before lockdown ends. Connect with us on our social channels to keep up to date with our summer jogger outfits.  


Don’t forget, you can always send a message to one of our friendly team of style guru’s – they are always on hand to help with style advice.   

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