Emergency Appeal: A Third of Pakistan Is Submerged By Historical Flooding

Pakistan has experienced extreme rainfalls since the monsoon season began in June. This has led to severe flooding impacting more than 33 million people. Family homes have been destroyed and crops ruined. Over 1,100 people have died, and 33 million people have been displaced from their homes. The BBC has reported that "Pakistani officials estimate around $10bn worth of damage has been done, raising concerns about food shortages with crops wiped out."

The United Nations (UN) has Pakistan "consistently ranked as amongst the ten most vulnerable countries to the effects of global climate change", noting how vulnerable Pakistan is to climate change, and it is only "expected to become more severe in the future both in absolute and (globally) comparative terms." Climate change for Pakistan means a water problem, and this is very unfortunately what we are witnessing with the monsoon season hitting the country and causing floods that are entrenching over a third of the country's land. The damage caused by these floods are expected to cost over $10 billion already, with the Indus River having burst its banks after record-breaking rainfall and melting glaciers due to climate change.

Flooding in Pakistan

Threadbare's connection with Pakistan

Threadbare is deeply connected with Pakistan through our work with suppliers in Faisalabad and Lahore, and our staff's familial connections. We are concerned for the welfare of those we know in Pakistan, but also beyond as we see the news reports of the levels of devastation accross the country.

UN Map shows the scale of damage to houses across Pakistan as of 26 August

The International Rescue Committee

The International Rescue Committee (IRC) has been active in Pakistan since 1980 and recently launched an emergency response to provide immediate assistance to those affected. 

Flooding in Pakistan: What you need to know. IRC emergency response teams are working to quickly distribute crucial food supplies to areas impacted by flooding. Photo: Arooj Kamran for the IRCPhoto: Arooj Kamran for the IRC

Threadbare have taken action to support Pakistan and our partners across the country by donating to the International Rescue Committee. We have supported the initiative launched by the IRC by paying for:

  • Fully equipping a mobile medical clinic with items such as scales, medical equipment, patient cards and tables, as well as protective gear to prevent the spread of contagious diseases.
  • Emergency medical care for 20 families - with the IRC providing lifesaving medical treatment and medicine
  • Temporary shelter for 24 families - this provides families with the materials they need to construct a temporary shelter that will help protect them from the harsh weather conditions
  • Emergency kits for 12 families that includes food, water, diapers, hygiene items, clothing, and other critical supplies.

In the most remote and hard-to-reach places in the world, the IRC sends mobile teams to provide medical care to children. 

Read more on the BBC website about the ongoing situation in Pakistan and on the International Rescue Committee's website for more detail and to donate. 


Written by Anna J Mather